Neglected Tropical Diseases

What are NTDs and why are we interested in them?

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a diverse group of infectious diseases caused by pathogens, including parasitic worms, protozoa, bacteria and viruses. By definition they cause a huge burden of disease and yet almost no money is spent on understanding their biology or combating the diseases they cause.

Why are NTDs important?

The diseases affect over 1 billion people across the world. They affect people living in regions of poverty and poor sanitation in tropical and subtropical regions. The infections are not as deadly as some other diseases, such as malaria, HIV and tuberculosis, but they do cause a wide range of health problems that in many cases have added social and economic implications.

NTDs in Numbers

Here are some numbers that demonstrate the huge impact that NTDs have around the world

Billion infected
Billion at risk